About Me

Hey there, I'm Jason. I'm currently Hydro One's website Digital Manager. I use my skills to empower my team to craft imaginative web pages that help Ontarians lower their electricity bill, enroll in grant programs and understand how Hydro One is making the energy transition.

From 2018 to 2022 I was Ferraz Creative's Senior Developer, working for my design mentor, Andre, where we made the some of the most imaginative concepts come to life. My magnum opus was developing the Workhaus WordPress theme from scratch and using ACF for ease of editing.

I also take on a variety of side projects to further enhance my design and development abilities, such as the site you find yourself on now or the website I designed for my friend's mosque. In 2018 I took a Brainstation User Experience Design course that provided me with foundational UX knowledge that I continue to use every day.

I'm a huge car nerd (current car: Cornflower Blue Golf GTI), a video gamer, play golf occasionally and find great pleasure in discovering the city of Toronto.